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Thursday, June 27, 2013

The suicide of lemmings.

Lemmings is called to tiny rodents, furry, chubby and funny. They live in almost the entire northern hemisphere. They feed on roots, herbs and fruits and also some small animal such as worms and other small insects. Like other rodents, have a high reproductive rate. This is usually a plus for those predators that feed on estoss: foxes, birds of prey number, weasels, ferrets, lynx, wolves, etc ... It is true that with 15 cm long, not a prey to feed a wolf, but many lemmings they can remove the hunger of a big predator. Still, even having dozens of potential predators occur lemimings demographic explosion that forces them to move to other places in search of food.

These animals do not hibernate and when it snows, move also under snow looking for food. A food that may have been stored in previous days.

But the highlight of the lemmings is that they attributed the act collectively commit suicide every so often, in fact, until it became a game in which they had to keep the lemmings commit suicide. There are other animals that naturally commit mass suicide, for example those whales that knowing they have the possibility of becoming stranded on the beach, go to this until they are in the sand and die. But the case of the Lemmings, seems belied by experts which ensures that an error trying.

Personally, I find it funny that you say this, because briefly researching online, I discovered two different videos where you see hundreds of lemmings jumping off a cliff. Anyway, I put the videos and see what do you think. Is it true that lemmings commit suicide? Is the uncontrolled migration? You think you will die if they continue with this practice? ....