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Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Cuban solenodon or almiqui of Cuba

The Cuban solenodon or almiqui of Cuba is a very curious, is an animal that was considered extinct since 1970 and was rediscovered a few years later in a remote place of the island of Cuba ... is an animal that is in real danger of extinction and for people who love animals, we were happy to know it was not extinguished.

The animal that we can remember the shrew or a hedgehog, a little larger than a rat (up to 80 cm long). It has an elongated snout and is also an omnivorous predator. It has tiny eyes, long snout with small but sharp teeth and also enters the exclusive group of venomous mammals, along with other mammals as exotic as the Platypus and the Echidna. By the way, so my assessment is an animal that could catalog in the group of the most ugly.

Being omnivorous, this animal can feed on plant, fruits or roots, but also of invertebrates and other animals of considerable size for it, as birds, frogs, reptiles and even rats ... because it is a gallant and brave predator and has an effective poison.
Experts are trying to increase the population of this animal, but it is really difficult for two reasons.

The first reason is that unlike other animals of similar size, only has one litter per year of between 1 and 3 individuals.

Second reason, it has been discovered that these animals when raised in captivity conditions become more aggressive (and which are solitary animals), and are not immune to its own venom, therefore, when fighting often occur including low in one or two individuals.

Finally, humans have great capacity to destroy, but we also have the great ability to help a species recover.