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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Hymenopus coronatus (MANTIS)

The mantis are not just famous for their hunting prowess capable of eating small mammals, or their sexual practices that almost always end up with eating the male. Some mantis noted for its extraordinary beauty, this is the case of the Hymenopus coronatus or Orchid Mantis.

Matis is a living in Southeast Asia, Indonesia and Malaysia. In rainforests where everything that can hunt, eat it. From small lizards, butterflies, flies and other insects. Among their predators we find bigger reptiles like lizards, large frogs, rodents and shrews.

But for hunting, as to avoid is hunted, the Orchid Mantis has an advantage that facilitates survival. Its body and legs, with an odd way, are adorned with bright colors. This peculiarity gives the appearance of the flower that takes its name: the orchid.

Here are some images of this beautiful beast: