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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Army ants... the marabunta.

Somewhere in the vast West Africa, we find a dangerous ant species, invasive and jackets. Tiny superpredator able to hunt animals much larger than themselves, their greed and their numbers are your best weapons. The name are army ant or legionary ant or marabunta.

In the hunt for their prey moving such as fast army. Primarily come first workers and a few first soldier ants. They arrive at an area and begin to work to build a nest, and building underground the terrain characteristics. When part of the anthill built, start the hunting, the search for food. Right now divide and hunt any animal that is near. They are able to hunt insects bigger than them, but they have also been seen hunting small mammals including mice and has even been documented to have been able to attack and hunt chickens when they were in cages.

Once the clean area of potential nest predators and with almost built, start the transfer from the old nest. (Impressive organizational capacity) Queen, all worker ants and ant larvae and, now, all the soldiers prepared to prevent any possible attack, begin to move into their new nest. Moving home can last up to three days, and if we can lift up to 25 kg to work, they lift up to 300 kg (in proportion) to work building the nest or carrying larvae.

In the new ant they will stay for about a month. When the area is not enough food will change. Meanwhile, any animal that falls into the area of action Siafu ants will die.