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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Giant Mantis Religiosa.

Normally when we see a Matis religiosa, also known as Santateresa, not give us any objection catch it. It is slightly larger than a grasshopper and it can do anything to us. But perhaps we would not be so confident if we saw one mantis 20 cm, a giant mantis religiosa able to hunt birds, rodents and even small lizards. They are even capable of devouring people.

I've told people ... I was wrong ... The truth is that this usually happens the other way around?; lizards, rodents and birds eat the mantis.

The giant mantis is called stick mantis giant Malaysia (Paratoxodera cornicollis) is probably the largest mantis that exists, and is called "stick" to resemble sticks-bugs that blend with their surroundings and appear chunks vegetation. And this ability is that used for hunting, stand still, hidden, hidden among the branches until a prey comes close enough to be able to catch him in his strong front legs.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Mantis religiosa or European Mantis.

The mantis religiosa or European Mantis also called mantis, tatadiós, dragonfly, Mamboretá, blowgun, use, or dragonflies comepiojos is a medium-sized insect.
Have a large compound eyes on the head which can rotate up to 180 degrees and three simple eyes between the compound eyes. Its front legs, which keeps collected before the head in prayer, are provided with strong spines to hold the prey it feeds on. It is voracious and very common in warm places.
In the mating season the female mantis emitting pheromones to attract the male and at this time that happens the only moment in which males and females together. Females become very aggressive and the male mantis can lose your head for love. Indeed, the female may devour either before, during or after mating. The first bite is the head and, often, the male can continue copulating beheaded.