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Friday, February 18, 2011


Little is known of the blobfish, an animal with a truly strange and peculiar aspect. It is a fish, and lives in depth. Hence its gelatinous. To offset the high pressures on the ocean depths, this fish has a gelatinous meat, with a density almost equal to that of water.

With that body is easy to stay afloat without effort, and effort does not do much because it is dedicated to walking and eating the food that passes in front of his mouth.

Another feature of these fish is that they have large eyes that let you see in the dark. Come on, all this makes the appearance of this pezecito be something funny. Look at this picture:

Apparently some 250,000 have been recorded blobfish, of which 30,000 have beenstudied.

This fish is almost unknown, is in danger of extinction because of fishing practices that are practiced in areas where it lives. Deep trawlers are looking crabs and lobsters offthe coast southeast of Australia, that capture by "accident" this and other fish andindiscriminately destroying the lives of thousands of species.