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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Turritopsis nutricula... an immortal animal

Some time ago we talked about the Water Bear or tardigrades, an animal alive can withstand the most extreme conditions, for example, live in space or living a dormant state for thousands of years.

But the animal that we see now is almost as surprising: AN ANIMAL IMMORTAL.

No esque dodging bullets or become invisible to predators. It is easier to explain yet,but much more fascinating because it is real.

Nutricula Turritopsis is a polyp, a jellyfish that is considered immortal because, unlikeall other components of the animal kingdom, this becomes a child when you aregetting old.

I mean, an animal is born, grows, reproduces and dies (is typical) and jellyfish as well.Jellyfish usually have a fixed stage (when polyps) and is fixed to a substrate, then theydevelop and become the jellyfish swimming we've all seen ... then reproduce, grow old and eventually die.

Well, the Turritopsis nutricula is medusa polyp and then, and played and then ...BACK to polyps ... It is believed that this cycle can be repeated infinitely and thus live forever.

I leave an explanatory video.