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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Zombie ants and the fungus housed inside.

When we see a zombie movie, gives us no fear ... in fact often makes us laugh. But if it makes us laugh, it is only because we know that is not real and we see ridiculous.But in nature, zombies exist. They are called "zombies Ants."
In the humid and lush Thai jungle there is a fungus (Ophiocordyceps unilateralis) that is capable of penetrating the interior of a certain species of ant, and from within the handling on their behalf. Not only about this fungus and with this type of ant ... but hey, one day talk about these ....

The fungus requires the ant parasite which infects, to die in the most appropriate place for the fungus to grow and reproduce. Basically they are forced to find a wet and out of the sun, then the ant zombie, digs his jaw (on the underside of the leaf) and holds on tightly with his paws. At that moment dies, the fungus begins to develop, and the ant has served basis, whether as a shelter under exoskeleton or a base is to develop fully.

As a picture is worth a thousand words, I put a video here for you to see how everything happens.

View this process is truly amazing and so far, no one knows very well how the fungus can control the ant.