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Monday, May 27, 2013

The Yoda Bat.

Bats never noted for their beauty or attractiveness, never ... In fact, if you say someone who has a face like a bat he will interpret it as a compliment. And the bat we're going to see now is no exception, is of course, very ugly, very very ugly .... The Yoda bat. A name that refers to the Master Yoda of Star Wars.

This "funny" animalete was discovered in 2009 in Papua New Guinea, an island north of Australia. Although this bat is ugly, we do not have to scare if we are to face with one of these. In fact, it is harmless to us, because it feeds on fruits. It is a fruitful and scatters the seeds of the fruits they eat throughout the tropical forest, has an important role in the ecosystem in which it lives.

Like other bats, master yoda is also mammal. When stretching its wings exceed five feet in length, but usually does not weigh more than 1 kg.

Little else is known of this animal: neither the number of copies, habits, predators, etc ... the area in which it was found is difficult to access and not been able to study everything you wanted. Other information we can extract their images: pipelines nose, wings and ears points a yellowish color and eyes positioned on the front providing a perfect stereoscopic vision to fly among the branches of the forest and control the distances of the objects.

Find this species should serve us as a warning signal that in this broken world there are many wonders to discover. That ambition, carelessness and selfishness of our species into account the wild, there are undiscovered species before making the world a great breeding ground where we can not wonder at discovering new species .... as yoda bat.