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Thursday, October 10, 2013


When we speak of an animal and a glutton, and together, possibly something we imagine.

But no, the animal to which we refer, is not as funny or endearing as the squirrel from Disney ... no, we're talking about an animal that has earned its name GLUTTON (Gulo gulo), also known as Wolverine, by dint of extreme dispute your food to other animals where they would have let slip. This animal is known for defending their food larger animals such as bears and wolves and hunt animals much heavier than it as deer.

It looks like a weasel but bigger, can reach more than 20 kg (44 lb ), its weight, we think it is not more dangerous than a bobcat, a dog ... if we think that we are completely mistaken. It is one of the most dangerous animals that live in the northern latitudes of the planet. The puma or a lone wolf, avoid its presence and there are reports that defending its prey against a pack of wolves, have lost a limb without making this fact intimidate them in its drive to defend their prey. And even is capable of losing his life trying to defend a piece of meat ... animal does not do this but a wolverine .... no other. To all this we must add that ferocity to scare off potential competitors, its a weapon, a sickening and disgusting smell like skunk that secretes when in danger.

It is a good hunter, approaches its prey unseen and then, with a quick run attacks it. When not release bite and jaw fits like a bloodhound. It moves comfortably through the snow thanks to its wide legs and light weight. It is also able to swim to catch fish and other smaller animals such as rodents and other ... Another adaptation to the snow is long and thick fur that protects it from the cold. A dark fur that attracts the sun's rays and allowing them to maintain their body temperature.

But any animals, no matter how fierce it isby far to defend their food, be a good hunter and is well adapted to their environment, etc. ... no animal is immune to human activity. It was found that the numbers have been reduced in the last years due to the disappearance of the snows of the north, but for now is not endangered ... for now.