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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Turtle Flog

If juntáramos a frog and a turtle, it is safer to leave an animal like this.

In fact, it is known as the turtle frog (Myobatrachus gouldii) since, as seen in the photo, the body shape is similar to a turtle shell and head if also resembles the turtle.
Not only the shape of your body we can remind a frog, also their behavior. Being a frog that lives in the sandy area of Western Australia, their limbs have been strengthened. They are more robust and allow you to walk through the land like a turtle. Also, when laying eggs, do not put in the water like most frogs, it makes a hole and bury their offspring ... like turtles ... and what escava hole with their hind legs ... as unlike other frogs tortugasy better adapted to land.

This little frog-turtle about 4 cm ( in) , feeds on insects, ants and termites. That, thanks to its powerful legs and gets dig into termite mounds.

Well, this animal was found recently in Honduras, and experts do not know how this turtle that lived only in Australia believed, was discovered thousands of miles and a continent away.