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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Liger, tiglon and Leopon.

Tiger and lion. The crossover between these two species get two animals called Tiglon or Togon and Liger and animals that, as result of the intersection of these two species are so different that seem brothers.

Here are some characteristics of these two species:

LIGER ( male lion + female tiger)- They can measure up to 4 meters in length and can weigh half a ton (500 kg of cat, almost nothing!). The funny thing is that although the length is excessive, their legs and their tails do not grow, and this gives them a more robust appearance, really look a bit fat. They grow and grow until its enormous weight prevents them from walking. Males also have a mane.

TIGLON or Tigon (male tiger + female lion)- These animals do stop growing, because the growth inhibitory gene comes from the lioness. Its size is like a lioness, and in some cases reaches 150 kg more lean and small, gives a more clumsy, less attractive for zoos and circus animals.

In fact, tigers and lions share territories, so that would be unlikely to meet to form these strange crosses. At present, lions and tigers coexist in nature only in the Gir Forest in India.

But the unnatural hybrids do not stop there:

The LEOPON - is the product of a cross between a male leopard and a lioness. The animal's head looks like the lion and the rest of the body resembles a fuzzy leopard spots. The leopones are larger than leopards and combine features of both parents. They have brown spots instead of black and the males have a small mane of 20 cm in length. They like to climb trees and enjoy the water as leopards.
In females there is an internal conflict of having to choose between the solitary lifestyle of the leopard or the lion in the pack.

Anyway, I personally hope that these hybrids do not re-perform, animals that are born of such unions unnatural often born with many problems, many do not reach maturity, they are sterile suffer pains in joints, or have behavior problems .. .