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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Risso's dolphin

Unlike the movies we watch, where there are very good characters good and bad characters are terrible, in nature, no animal is good and much less bad. Maybe us by our culture, we tend to classify among good and evil. For example, it is difficult to see how an animal "bad", a cow. But is easy to see how "bad" a tiger (as in the cartoon film Kung Fu Panda).

If you're going to sea, we usually see as "good" to dolphins and "bad" to the orcas. So possibly we head will explode when we know the Risso's dolphin(Grampus griseus). A good bad but very good ...dolphins ... bufff

These dolphins live in groups of up to 100 individuals. They are of dolphins there largest measuring up to 4 meters (14 ft)  and weigh 600 kg (1430 lb). Its way of relating is very similar to the orcas, in fact even as they hunt. Orcas are also known as killer whales, because they often hunt other whales. Well, the Risso's dolphin  also hunt whales, hunt whales not only inoffensive, but also other whales which are considered the world's greatest predators: the sperm whale. The sperm whale has the size and strength, Risso's dolphin  has the number and intelligence.

Another thing that strikes the Calderon is using the ecolocatitation. This will help to "see" what is in the sea and to communicate with other congeners Sometimes this ecolización (not sure why) fails and leaves dozens of people stranded on beaches. Many die.

Currently, this "naughty or nice" but intelligent dolphin is endangered. Risso's dolphin is caught indiscriminately sometimes unintentionally. What is not is the cruel slaughter involuntary that make this animal each year off the coast of Denmark.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

The sperm whale.

The king of seas, oceans a top predator can defeat a group of Orcas (killer whales), descending to great depths and hunt giant squid. The sperm whale (Physeter macrocephalus) is undoubtedly the animal with greater ability to kill (this sounds a little nerdy) in the world.

But it is true, can weigh almost 50 tons, is the largest toothed mammal, and has very special characteristics. For example:

The sperm whale can be lowered to depths of 3,000 meters, holding their breath for more than 1 hour and resist the high pressure that occurs at these depths. When your heart beats dives 1 time per minute, and lungs contract to handle the pressure. Pressures we are talking about 30 million Pascals ... it is like having to put up at the tip of the little finger, 5 bulls on top of each other, and that in each cm2 of the skin of the whale. In addition, blood has a dense, with many red blood cells and this reduces nitrogen production, something that all divers are afraid and so are decompression.
All these physical adaptations allow the mammal to become deeper dives.
Another thing that stands out is the sonar. Sunlight begins to disappear at a certain depth (about 400m I think), the abyssal darkness prevails and vision, the eyes, is useless in these places. But the sperm whale has devised how to move easily and even hunt prey as elusive as the giant squid. The crack produced by the sperm whale is the loudest sound produced by any animal, but its function is unknown (although it is believed that sonar and used as a weapon to stun their prey).
The sperm whale can get to be more than 20 meters and, as we said, 50 tons and has a serrated jaw 5 meters. It is a mammal, lives in family groups, and has no predators. Still, is in danger of extinction ... for now in a vulnerable state.