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Friday, March 4, 2011

The gaur, gayal or mithun.

In India, Nepal and Indonesia there is a bovid (Family Bovidae that brings animals like antelopes, oxen, bison, buffalo, goats and sheep) related to domestic cows and has a record size of all the species of the family .

An average adult male can easily reach 2.2 meters (6,6 ft) in height at the withers (which would be the highest point of the body without raising the bass) and over 3 (9,8 ft ) in length. Muscles and more muscles to reach a weight of 1000 kg (2.200 lb).

Like all the bovines, the gaur, gayal or mithun,are strictly herbivores. They eat both grass and tree leaves and bamboo shoots. The coat color ranges from reddish brown to dark brown, with broad forehead and legs below the knee white. The horns, fairly short and black tip, born on the sides of his head and arching upwards.

Predators include wolves, Cuon, tigers, leopards, bears, Tibetan and men, who have pursued primarily for their meat.

It should be like cape buffalo.