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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Glass Frogg

Is there a group of frogs that have a peculiarity which other animals do not possess even the other frogs: their skin is transparent ... and  glass frogs (or glassfrogs) or Centrolenidae. Imagine gut hurts and you look and see that you've eaten steak is hard to digest or view the heart and it hurts and you see it stopped, would be watching your own heart attack, although it would be a rare thing to describe, 'd know exactly what's wrong and therefore what is the best course of action. It seems silly that it is not really, in fact thanks to its transparent skin, science uses frogs to study the incidence of diseases, such as cancer onset and development without opening carcass to check your progress.

Well, this frog's skin is transparent, we can see its organs, the guts, the elongated stomach, veins, liver, heart and even the eggs before deposit in place. However, it is not easy to see because they are very small, little more than 2 cm, although some species and even exceed twice the size. Also, are nocturnal ... imagine a transparent, small and nocturnal frog hidden in the jungle ... almost impossible to see at a glance.

The female leaves between 18 to 30 eggs near water. When touched, these are broken and leave the tadpoles to water. Until this happens, the male is watching the sunset from potential predators. For predators know it's there, it emits a peculiar sounds.

It's a frog that lives in the wetlands of central America and the tropics of South America. And conservationists try to make an effort to publicize that this frog is in serious danger of extinction. The pollution of rivers, water in general, habitat destruction are getting increasingly fewer copies remain free.