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Friday, June 11, 2010

Sea wasp or Chironex fleckeri.

The sea wasp Chironex fleckeri is considered the most poisonous animal on the planet. Although no antidote is capable of killing a person with the mere touch in 30 minutes. Within 20 minutes of the sting of stinging cells, begins what is called irukanjdi syndrome: begins an intense pain throughout the body, heart rate triples, doubles blood pressure, death usually occurs after a cardiac embolism.
The main body is almost square, translucent blue and green (so it is very difficult to distinguish at sea), of which 60 cilia or tentacles out of about 80 cm long each. It is almost transparent, making it very difficult watching for swimmers. Moreover, their bites are imperceptible.
Usually is found in tropical waters of Australia and other areas of the western Indian Ocean and Pacific.
But even if a dangerous animal, it remains one of the most beautiful animals to see.

Curiosity: Contrary to popular belief about their movement and unlike the common jellyfish, most of whom are blind, this species has four groups of twenty eyes. But it is unclear whether they can keep the light targets or how to process images as they do not have central nervous system. Nothing in pulses of 1.5 m / s, giving it enough speed to catch fish.