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Friday, January 4, 2013

Saiga antelope or Saiga tatarica.

This animal, a little disproportionate, is the protagonist of one of the largest migrations that occur throughout the animal world. A migration comparable to that produced by millions of wildebeest and zebras in central Africa.

Is an animal the size of a sheep, a herbivore that feeds on plants harder, poor and stale to be found in the Russian steppe. About 50 kg in weight, 70 cm in height and more than 1 meter long. The most notable feature is his nose: broad, long and mobile, similar to tapirs. The nose is a perfect adaptation to climate. In winter heats the air before it is introduced into the lungs. However, in summer, is able to filter and retain windblown dust from the steppes. Another adaptation to cold is its coat, tan and short in summer, but long, thick and white in winter. A survivor of the last glaciation.

Among their predators are wolves, foxes, birds of prey and large prey.

The last migration are being more and more reduced, are currently believed to not more than 30,000 individuals. Animals passing through areas that create the effect funnel with a width less than 5 km. Bridges that connect two areas not yet occupied by man.

Apart from the destruction of their habitat, this animal is being hunted out of control to get their horns. Horns are an ingredient that has a certain value in traditional Chinese medicine, already the horns are replacing other ingredient even more scarce, rhino horn.

He is currently in critical danger of extinction.