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Monday, December 3, 2012

Pygmy tarsier.

After viewing the Long-eared Jerboa, an animal that awakens in us a tender feeling, I decided to go with another animal just as endearing and tender that the Jerboa: Pygmy tarsier.

This small animal as big eyes, was believed extinct for years, relieving the superstitious inhabitants of Sulawesi. Indonesians in this zone they had no problem getting rid of them, hunt them and kill them because the figure of a tarsier called forth from them prejudices and superstitions of an animal identified with "animal unlucky". Extinct for 80 years, suddenly appeared while a villager a plague of rats exterminated in the village fences. Scientists discovered by surprise that Pygmies had not disappeared, the little animal died, there was a rat amorphous, it the extinct tarsier. This promoted the search for new specimens, which were found and were able to study and help them survive until new born individuals.

Currently this animal is in danger of extinction, but it seems that slowly, and through the efforts of various institutions, their numbers are increasing.

Besides its size (10 cm (4 in) + furry tail and less than 60 g weight (2 ounce)), the Pygmy tarsier has characteristics that make it unique. Here are the most curious:
1 - The pygmy tarsier, has a communication system similar to that of other tarsiers, but its voice is so acute that we can not hear. It communicates with frequencies of 90 khz. We can not hear sounds with frequencies higher than 20 kHz. In fact, experts thought it was dumb until they discovered this.
2 - Another unique feature of this little animal, is its diet. It is the only primate that has a carnivorous diet extricta. Although they look seem to eat little fruit and grass, the tarsier is a fearless hunter, is insectivorous, but some claim it is able to hunt birds and small reptiles clueless.

3 - Is the animal with the largest eyes in relation to its weight and size. And these huge eyes, help you move between the dark because they are nocturnal.