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Monday, April 4, 2011

The coconut crab or Birgus latro.

You thought that this image was not real? Yes, this picture is real, the image of a huge crab, the heaviest of all the crabs, and after the giant crab of Japan, is the longest.

This is the coconut crab or Birgus latro. And why is called the coconut crab "... well because its huge claws and strength that is in them is able to break coconuts. It also receives other names like "robber crab" or "palm thief" to be considered a thief who steals shiny objects houses the Pacific and Indian Ocean (found especially in Christmas Island or the Seychelles.
But her stunning looks should not intimidate, is practically herbivore rather fructívoro, although sometimes eat decaying organic foods including the bodies of certain animals or animals very slow and juvenile sea turtles.

The coconut crabs live on land, econdido between rocks or in burrows, which is why it is "nose. " Nose is not as good as ours, but unlike their peers (other crabs) that have specialized organs called aestetas on their antennae to determine both the focus and direction of an odor, the coconut crab has different sense organs that allow odors in the air. It has an excellent sense and can detect interesting odors over long distances, for example, the smell of grilled meat, bananas and coconuts call your attention especially as potential sources of food.

Weight varies by age and sex, but estimates can easily reach the 10 kg.
Let's see how they break a coconut.