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Thursday, December 5, 2013


Although it thinks that fossil rhinoceros gave way to the legend of the unicorn, was another animal that helped forge this legendary creature is a place in the collective imagination since the Middle Ages. The Vikings, brought North horns with magical medicinal powers that can cure the worst evils ... Horns of unicorn?? No, it was the horn of the narwhal.

The narwhal is a whale found in the more northern latitudes of the planet, with a special feature, a terrible horn of an enormous size, 2 meters long. It really is not a horn, is a canine. The largest of which has reached record 2.65 meters and weight of 10 kg. And each 500, there is one that will develop the two fangs.

Why use this long tusk?

It seems that the experts can not agree on the main function of this disproportionate canine:

1 - Used as an extensive hydrodynamic sensor that connects to the central nervous system. This will help ecolocalizarse but also know their prey and sonde are also other examples.

2 - Used as a tool to open the ice on the surface of the frozen sea. This would help you get a point of breathing.

3 - Weapon used against other males prior to mating rights. Or at least as a sign of good health of the male.

In narwhal measured up to 5 meters and weighs over a ton and a half. A data, this animalete no dorsal fin like most fish, and this makes him look like a giant tadpole that has stuck a stick in the eye (the first thing that occurred to me).

The meat and blubber of narwhal is highly coveted by Inuit populations, for its nutritional value, but mainly by the amount of vitamin C. One vitamin that is not easy in an area with little amount of fruits and vegetables, and that are arriving by boat from countries south.

Currently not in danger of extinction. And among predators find polar bears, sharks and of course, the killer whale.