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Friday, April 12, 2013

Black rhinoceros or hook-lipped rhinoceros.

What would you do if walking through the park you suddenly find one of the largest animals on Earth, it observed you?

As well, are various options:

a) act as if you have not seen and still waiting for the rhino strolling act like you.
b) running away and screaming: Help, save me!!
c) use of animal psychology and go without fear and give it a hug.

Well, even if you're confused, I'll tell you the three answers are good. The black rhinoceros, though an animal with a formidable horn and incredible strength, is classified as one of the more docile animals of Africa. In fact, if you become familiar with it, you can even feed him by hand.

Many tourists who find these animals in the wild, and can approach and even touch them and take a picture. Do you think you could do with an elephant? Or a hippo? .... I assure you not.

The black rhino is a bit smaller than its brother the white rhino. Its weight rarely exceeds 1500 kg (3300 lb), height is 1.6 meters (6 ft) to the cross and long reach to 3.5 meters (15 ft). Its color is a dark gray and then one of their names. The other name by which we know is "hooked-lipped rhinoceros". This is because, unlike the white rhino, which has the upper lip very broad and straight, the black rhino has it finished in peak form. This will help to eat little bushes and tall trees. But lip white rhino is more to pasture ... as cows do.

Currently, the black rhino is in danger of extinction. During the '60s, was massacred by the bastards ... gentlemen who hunted them to boast a beautiful trophy animal. In addition, its horn is coveted by oriental medicine and benefits attributed to certain properties in order. By luck and hard work, gradually the number of individuals increases and 4500, increased to 5,000 in the last census.