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Friday, February 21, 2014

Great Potoo

Imagine you go at night in a forest, hear the howl of a wolf, a movement nearby and hooting and suddenly scared you turn on a branch and see someone watching you:

Quiet is not a spirit after death, those eyes belong to a animalete, the Great Potoo (Nyctibius grandis).

This bird is a species of night owl. At night spreads its wings proportionately long, and quietly stalks its prey, is dedicated to hunting flying insects: as beetles, crickets, grasshoppers or moths.
But their wings are not the only thing that has large, as other nocturnal owls, their eyes are huge. They are specialized to capture the low light in the darkest environments.

It is found in tropical forests of America .... good find. They are very difficult to see, perhaps for its plumage and nocturnal habits, and in general, they are considered rare. Personally I think so.

Are currently not in danger of extinction. Adults have no predators only eggs are sometimes eaten by howler monkeys and spider monkeys, for some mustelid and large birds of prey.