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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Giant wild pig or boar.

Cimarron is any pet that escaped from their owners and are naturalized. In some areas, also called feral wild animals with domestic relatives.
In the case of domestic pigs these are transformed into the body of the boar. Rather, it seems.
After a few months in the wild, domesticated pigs tend to resemble the wild boar, as dark bristles develop throughout the body and thin enough kilos. But the changes do not end there, the snout is elongated and changes its shape with the typical curve of feral flies.
Even more, the character becomes domesticated pig: "They combine the" unfair competition "from the goats to predation by dogs and cats, making them one of the most damaging feral remote islands. Where there are pigs Maroons, there is usually extinct flightless birds close to extinction. " (Wikipedia)

Pigs can easily reach a weight of 350 kg or more. Given its wild character and their omnivorous diet and their developed intelligence (higher than the chimpanzee) make these animals about potential hazards.