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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Bobbit Worm

Today I will show an animal wonderfully terrifying. An animal that could easily have been the protagonist of a movie called "Worms from hell". Called Bobbit Worm (Eunice aphroditois) and is a species of the genus Eunice (a family of large worms).

Although it is a predator that can be found in virtually all the world's seas, the species, aphroditois Eunice, prefers warm waters , especially the Indo-Pacific waters.

The form of hunting this animal: the body is buried in the sandy bottom except the head and wait for their prey to pass close enough to stimulate their antennas and so catch it.

This worm really is omnivorous, and also to hunt small fish and crustaceans with its ferocious jaws and sharp-tentacles, also eat algae.

If we saw a Bobbit Worm while we bathe in the sea, the best we can do is get away without getting nervous. Normally, this worm does not attack and often flee, but if they feel threatened they can bite and take a piece of meat with it. Moreover, if we step one without realizing (that may be because he is buried), it inject us via the prongs that run throughout the body, a poison that will produce severe pain and foot paralyze us. Do not underestimate this animal, besides being poisonous, quite big, can measure up to 4 meters.