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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Blanket octopus

Receive the scientific name Tremoctopus and commonly known as Blanket octopus. At this name, the first thing we are going through your head is that it is the result of crossing an octopus and a manta ray ...

But really, this octopus does not have anything to do with the manta ray ... It has a kind of blanket, or layer used efficiently to survive. First, this rare octopus, not run away from potential predators by releasing a jet of ink to confuse, but opens and displays the layer. So get a larger appearance, puzzling and avoiding predators attack.
But not only that, when such a shark bite dares blanket octopus layer, this layer is release and so useful that can escape its biting entertains hunter.

The size of this strange animalete is 2 meters for females. But males are smaller, insignificant. Moreover, we have seen that octopuses males when mating tentacle emerge where sperm stay, and soon afterwards die.

But its survival skills do not end there. When it is smaller, these octopus no feature layer. To protect and defend themselves from predators, small octopuses hiding among the tentacles of the Portuguese frigate (a curious poisonous jellyfish). When it are small octopuses are immune to the venom of this jellyfish.