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Monday, October 20, 2014

Malayan tapir.

This animal is one of the strangest I've ever seen. The body resembles that of a pig, the legs of a rhino, has a similar to the elephant trunk and hair color reminds the panda. In fact, the little tapir, reminiscent of the young boar at 2 months, scratches.

The Malayan tapir (Tapirus indicus) is the only tapir who does not live in America. As the name says, is currently in Sumatra and Borneo. Where their only predator is the tiger. We know that the tiger is an animal that hunts taking advantage of the dense jungle, and this makes this tapir is always on alert. Rarely lower immunity and have made ​​him a shy animal character, reserved and hard to see. In fact, when they are young animal's color is brown spotting between colors, and as the months grow, gets darker and leaving the white body. Another part of the body that is white is the end of the ears.
You can reach 350 kg (700 lb) and 2.4 meters long (8ft), with a height of three feet. It has a small tail of about 10 cm and legs have 4 toes, but only supported by 3 of them. 

Have ye noticed those little eyes? The truth is that your vision is not very good, but do not need. The lush jungle that obscures more than a few meters and a hearing and, above all, a overdeveloped sense of smell; allow it to be aware of everything, does not miss any of it around him. 

But that does not save him from his true predator, and I speak of the tiger, but of man. The man who hunts this wonderful animal and human activity that usually ends with deforestation tapir habitat.