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Friday, October 26, 2012

Hairy Frog.Trichobatrachus robustus.

Experts have named this frog with a curious name, "Hairy frog". That's rare to see these two together, hair in an amphibian skin. Possibly the only frog that has hair, but also the only amphibian in the world, so it makes an animal very peculiar.

But this name has trick: the hair is really skin. Apparently, it seems hair are really thin skin that help to breathe. As almost all amphibians, the hairy frog breathes by small lungs and through the skin. Well, thanks to these hairs skin, fine capillaries are able to pick up a needed oxygen.

But the frog's hair is not the only peculiarity of this animal ... has many more, eg see two characteristics that make this a frog amphibian particular:

1 °. It is an active hunter, and its prey can find slugs, millipedes, spiders, beetles and grasshoppers. And it has teeth. Let me repeat, is a frog with teeth, W-I-T-H-T-E-E-T-H ... in fact, tadpoles are born with teeth. You imagine a frog with teeth? Can be? Yes :

2 °. The second characteristic is that it has a secret weapon (now will cease to be secret) as it can draw on both to hunt and to defend. When the hairy frog feels threatened, intentionally breaking the bones of the fingers of his legs, which pierce the skin and overlook looking like claws. Bone is a hairy frog with retractable claws and teeth ... is rare, rare.

Well, the hairy frog is native to central Africa is robust and is about 11 cm, and it is not considered endangered