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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Superb Lyrebird

This bird, called Superb Lyrebird (Menura novaehollandiae) from the resemblance of its plumage with this musical instrument is an animal highly appreciated by the people and is hunted excessive manner and unreasonable, placing this species in the first step of the ladder leads to extinction. Australian bird is a very well known there and even its image is part of the currency of Australia.

The reason for their coveted hurt is, on one hand the ornate plumage resembles that has peacocks, but smaller. And another singing ability.

When the male courts the female, prepares part of the forest. Remove weeds, roots and dead wood so that nothing difficult it vision, wants to be the center of attention of every female who passes by. And this bird prepare a scenario to begin their performance.

The Superb Lyrebird, deploys all its charm. Opens the range of its tail feathers and starts singing, imitating sounds, and in this capacity, the Superb Lyrebird is the best. It can perfectly imitate any animal it hear. It is able to imitate the song of other birds, to sounds that are not heard as frequently in nature, the sound of a camera, sound of a car, a dog barking, etc ... It is the world's best imitator. It is estimated that only 80% of the sounds that are characteristic release of their species. Everything else is copied from other part, and does it perfectly. I invite you to hallucinate with imitation he does in this video.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Sword-billed Hummingbird.

In every ecosystem there are different relationships between living creatures, from bacteria to the top predator that sits on top of the trophic chain. When, for whatever reason, a species is extirpated, endangered the interaction of all individuals in the ecosystem.

But not all species are just as essential, and although all have a role, there are some that are more importances others. The case of Sword-billed Hummingbird is a clear example of a species must.

The main feature of Sword-billed hummingbird (Ensifera ensifera) is that it has the longer beak, in which all the birds in the world, in relation to the body. The peak measured the same as the length of the body that has such a long beak, it is no casuality.

As we know, generally hummingbirds feed on a product superenergy, the nectar of flowers. They have to enter the peak inside the flower for be done with the nectar, while the pollen of flowers were deposited on their heads to when a new flower pollinate.

Well, some flowers have been very demanding of their pollinators, needed a pollinator (a hummingbird in this case), to eat the nectar while pollen is impregnated. The easiest way was to extend the floral pendulum: if the hummingbird enters the head from inside the flower to get the nectar, their pollen impregnate feathers, enter the peak itself, is more difficult to impregnate. As they were stretching peaks hummingbirds also lengthened the pendulums of flowers. This, over the centuries, caused very long peaks as the sword-billed hummingbird and floral tubes also very long.

These specialized flowers, we can find Passiflora Datura or Passiflora mixta. These are elongated flowering plants so that only the Sword-billed Hummingbird can ponilizar the fact, it is believed that if the Sword-billed Hummingbird disappeared, also these plants poof and disappear ... specialization may be the cause of its demise. Although thankfully, we are certain that the Sword-billed Hummingbird is not endangered .... Some plants chose well to its pollinator.

Monday, October 15, 2012

The most beautiful bird in the world: The Mandarin Duck.

For its small size, you would make an entry beginning with a phrase ironic about the story of "The Ugly Duckling". But hey, the literature is not my specialty. What I like, is to appreciate the wonderful things created nature, and unlike the Marabou bird that is considered the most "ugly" in the world, the Mandarin Duck (Aix galericulata) the bird is considered "beautiful" in the world.

During the breeding season, the male Mandarin duck loses its brown like the female and looks fascinating and endless color shades in between: The male bird is unmistakable: It has a red bill, large white crescent above the eye and reddish face and "whiskers". The breast is purple with two vertical white bars, and the flanks ruddy, with two orange "sails" at the back. The female is similar to female Wood Duck, with a white eye-ring and stripe running back from the eye, but is paler below, has a small white flank stripe, and a pale tip to its bill.

The beauty of these ducks was originally its curse and then its jacket. For hundreds of years, this bird was considered as a bird that attracting luck and love. And their presence was much coveted by courtesans of Japan and China and collectors from around the world. Currently, some 65,000 live in the wild, several more in zoos and parks all over the world. Its beauty, its colors, have been since the identity and the argument for its protection and recovery. Now, there is no danger of extinction.

The mandarin duck does not exceed 45 cm (17") in length, is small and sturdy, weighing no more than 1,1 lb (500 grams) and feeds on algae and seeds. In winter they are clustered in small groups and as spring approaches the female chooses the male more attractive and colorful to have their "ugly ducklings".

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Cuckoo's Egg.

Possibly the most notorious bird with the animal world than the vulture or a raven, possibly the most notorious bird is the common cuckoo or Cuculus canorus.

Classify the behaviors of animals in our culture, and adjectives are attributed to the cuckoo are unflattering: operator, cheater, liar, fraud, etc ... But like I said, are just classifications of our moral system to a survival tactic, which, however, is as valid as any other.

What causes this animosity towards the cuckoo is taking advantage of other poultry farms, deceives and makes slaves. What happens is that when the cuckoo bird detects that a (usually
small, insectivorous bird) is laying eggs, the cuckoo deposits in the nest egg with these. The Cuckoo's Egg will be just the same, very similar in color, size and shape to host bird's eggs (above). Sometimes they are so alike that even the most expert ornithologists know the difference.

Then, as all eggs are equal, the host birds, hatch and care for the state of the egg that is not theirs, but the cuckoo.

But the Cuckoo's plan does not stop there, once the eggs hatch (usually the cuckoo is first) the cuckoo chick to not even get rid of all the other eggs, either pushing them to throw the nest or until just pecking with them. In this way ensures that the food brought by parents, guests birds, is just for him. Deceived, birds fed the only guest who is not her son but the cuckoo, and is also the murderer of the dead children.
In the top right image we can see the cuckoo, much larger than their adoptive parents, still fed by them.

Watch this video You'll be amazed to see how it works the cuckoo.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The common swift, the world's fastest bird.

The common swift is a bird of extraordinary. Although we see many times and used to their presence, the Swift is probably better suited to the bird fly around the world.
First, the Swift is considered the fastest bird. Flies at a speed greater than any in its class. While it is true that the Peregrine Falcon can reach speeds higher (200 mph), these speeds are reached in fall, not horizontally.

A Swift may be flying at 150 mph and the alpine swift to 170 mph. A rate is not negligible.
Just see these wonderful birds shows that your body is adapted to speed on the fly. Its anatomy is the most aerodynamic of all birds (like the swallows). It has adapted wellto air your legs have become shorter and useless. Not being almost used weredownsizing and making them almost useless for travel by land. Eat, drink, mates and even sleeps in the air. To sleep in the air at dusk, rise and rise and rise as high as you lose sight, they begin to plan and sleep until dawn.
Another curiosity: When the Swift is subjected to inclement weather or a shortage of food, you can enter a state of near hibernation or "torpor." Thus, they consume less energy. Swifts adults can survive two days in this state and the chicks can survive and even five days.

Another more curious: How many years did not touch the ground only to nest and his paws are not developed, they need to make nests at some point. So drop and start flying as their feet are not allowed to walk, run or jump.