Thursday, November 27, 2014

Leatherback sea turtle

How beautiful are the turtles! We have the ninja turtles! the fable of the tortoise and the hare, lazy turtle Dragon Ball series, etc ... But look at the mouth with some real turtles:

This is considered the most fearsome mouth (do not know what criteria). As you can see, this mouth is full of teeth. Has teeth in all parts of the mouth, from the mouth into the esophagus through the tongue. And its teeth are sharp, conical, and perfect for any prey escape it.

The nice smile of this mouth is huge, in fact, the Leatherback sea turtle (the protagonist of this post) is considered the third largest reptile on earth. Can weigh a ton and measuring over 2.7 meters (9 ft.) long.

But atemoricemos us this wonderful mouth is not ready to hunt humans. In fact, their food are jellyfish. And how are you are not very nutritious, eat and eat jellyfish without rest. So given that the number of jellyfish increases, we might think that the survival of the Laud turtle is assured. But for anything, in fact, this turtle feeds on jellyfish, and these are similar to those of plastic bags floating on the sea appearance. Without stopping to see what they are, the turtle can eat a bag and cause his death.

It is known as Leatherback sea turtle or lute turtle (Dermochelys coriacea) and found in the seas of tropical latitudes.

A curiosity of this animalete is that some experts believe could produce their own body heat, unlike the vast majority of reptiles. However, some experts believe that this is not so, but the Leatherback turtle is a Gigantoterma. Gigantoterma capacity is bigs animals maintain a constant body temperature.

By the way, the name of Lute, is because the shape of its shell refers to a musical instrument called Lute. An instrument of the troubadours of the Middle Ages.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Malayan tapir.

This animal is one of the strangest I've ever seen. The body resembles that of a pig, the legs of a rhino, has a similar to the elephant trunk and hair color reminds the panda. In fact, the little tapir, reminiscent of the young boar at 2 months, scratches.

The Malayan tapir (Tapirus indicus) is the only tapir who does not live in America. As the name says, is currently in Sumatra and Borneo. Where their only predator is the tiger. We know that the tiger is an animal that hunts taking advantage of the dense jungle, and this makes this tapir is always on alert. Rarely lower immunity and have made ​​him a shy animal character, reserved and hard to see. In fact, when they are young animal's color is brown spotting between colors, and as the months grow, gets darker and leaving the white body. Another part of the body that is white is the end of the ears.
You can reach 350 kg (700 lb) and 2.4 meters long (8ft), with a height of three feet. It has a small tail of about 10 cm and legs have 4 toes, but only supported by 3 of them. 

Have ye noticed those little eyes? The truth is that your vision is not very good, but do not need. The lush jungle that obscures more than a few meters and a hearing and, above all, a overdeveloped sense of smell; allow it to be aware of everything, does not miss any of it around him. 

But that does not save him from his true predator, and I speak of the tiger, but of man. The man who hunts this wonderful animal and human activity that usually ends with deforestation tapir habitat.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Proboscis monkey.

You know that phrase "size does not matter" because I'm sorry, but in this case size does matter. The nose of this monkey is the characteristic feature of the species, that is why is called a proboscis or long-nosed monkey, known as the bekantan in Malay, (Nasalis larvatus). It is thought that the function of the nose is a type of sexual signal since it seems that females are set in the monkey has the largest nose.

Personally when I saw it years ago in an image of a book I found one of the most curious animals, not only for the big nose, but for what the human eye. I do not know, it reminded me of someone.

The good-natured face of these monkeys is a clear reflection of its character. They live in large groups, and although it's been some skirmishes, it is normal when we find groups of up to 80 individuals.

They are found on the island of Borneo. And its size is a means monkey; a well-developed male can reach 75 cm (30 in) in height and 22 kg (50 lb). Instead, a female reaches 60 (25 in) cm in height and can barely reach 11 or 12 kg (26 lb.

They are of a light brown, and white on the inside. A powerful vegans capable of digesting stomach leaves the indigestible trees.

Hunting and habitat loss make the proboscis monkey placed in the red zone of extinction. Since it is estimated that fewer than 7,000 individuals.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Spider mirror

Photographer Nicky Bay was walking by the lush jungle of Singapore when he saw a glimmer moved between the branches. When bringing the camera, and make noise, the animal emitting the flash reduces glare. But when a while, the animal is relaxed, this shines again as a small diamond. It was a spider on its abdomen that contains reflective and shiny patches.

In this brilliant animal is known as "spider mirror" or "spider spangle", referring to his abdomen that resembles small mirrors. Actually the "mirrors" are flakes, which increase in size depending on the mood of the spider. If you feel threatened or reduce the size of the mirrors and thus go unnoticed. When you relax or want to be noticed, wide surface of these mirrors to see him.

They are spiders that roam the centimeter. And part of Thwaitesia gender, we find arachnid species with the same effect but different colors. Here some pictures.

Friday, July 4, 2014

The panda ant.

The panda ant. Really, is not bear neither is it panda, do not even an ant. This curious insect is really a kind of bee which females do not have wings. They are hairy and black and white colors that are distributed throughout the body as do the colors of the panda.

A century ago it was known, and its habitat is in Andes between Chile and Argentina.

Although it has long been known, little is known of this ant. Is believed to have ectoparasitoids panda ant other insect larvae other bees counting. These larvae are so small that they adhere to the surface of its host and feed on it. It would be like lice, or aphids on plants.

I hope you enjoyed this strange and unknown animalete.

There is a way to call this .. forgive ant, wasp ... it is very curious: Kill cows. It seems that its sting is very powerful, and perhaps is able to kill a large animal.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Animals and albinism

Albinism is a genetic condition that causes no pigmentation occurs. We can see it in many human, but this is not just typical of humans, not even the mammal, birds, insects, reptiles and lizards can also be ... Here are 22 albino albino animals that surely will surprise you.

Friday, May 23, 2014

The Punk Turtle.

In the Mary River in Australia, found a turtle with a very peculiar aspect: The Punk turtle. You see the name refers to its appearance, reminiscent of the punks of the 70s and 80s. Crest With that algae grow not only on the head but also by the shell. This allows, first hide from predators and the other as a shield.

Adults can reach two feet in length, and her eyes are clear bluish ... you have seen above a turtle with blue eyes? I do not .... well, actually I had not noticed.

Also known as short-necked turtle, and not have it be short, but maybe compared to other turtles themselves. In addition, it is noteworthy that it is the only turtle has is its long tail which is known as Arco Hemal a vestigial feature that has disappeared from all other existing turtles .... however, its function is not known.

Its scientific name is Elusor macrurus and although it was in the 70's very popular as a pet, is now in serious danger of extinction.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Giant Mantis Religiosa.

Normally when we see a Matis religiosa, also known as Santateresa, not give us any objection catch it. It is slightly larger than a grasshopper and it can do anything to us. But perhaps we would not be so confident if we saw one mantis 20 cm, a giant mantis religiosa able to hunt birds, rodents and even small lizards. They are even capable of devouring people.

I've told people ... I was wrong ... The truth is that this usually happens the other way around?; lizards, rodents and birds eat the mantis.

The giant mantis is called stick mantis giant Malaysia (Paratoxodera cornicollis) is probably the largest mantis that exists, and is called "stick" to resemble sticks-bugs that blend with their surroundings and appear chunks vegetation. And this ability is that used for hunting, stand still, hidden, hidden among the branches until a prey comes close enough to be able to catch him in his strong front legs.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Glass Frogg

Is there a group of frogs that have a peculiarity which other animals do not possess even the other frogs: their skin is transparent ... and  glass frogs (or glassfrogs) or Centrolenidae. Imagine gut hurts and you look and see that you've eaten steak is hard to digest or view the heart and it hurts and you see it stopped, would be watching your own heart attack, although it would be a rare thing to describe, 'd know exactly what's wrong and therefore what is the best course of action. It seems silly that it is not really, in fact thanks to its transparent skin, science uses frogs to study the incidence of diseases, such as cancer onset and development without opening carcass to check your progress.

Well, this frog's skin is transparent, we can see its organs, the guts, the elongated stomach, veins, liver, heart and even the eggs before deposit in place. However, it is not easy to see because they are very small, little more than 2 cm, although some species and even exceed twice the size. Also, are nocturnal ... imagine a transparent, small and nocturnal frog hidden in the jungle ... almost impossible to see at a glance.

The female leaves between 18 to 30 eggs near water. When touched, these are broken and leave the tadpoles to water. Until this happens, the male is watching the sunset from potential predators. For predators know it's there, it emits a peculiar sounds.

It's a frog that lives in the wetlands of central America and the tropics of South America. And conservationists try to make an effort to publicize that this frog is in serious danger of extinction. The pollution of rivers, water in general, habitat destruction are getting increasingly fewer copies remain free.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Gambian pouched rat

Practically across Africa we can find the  Gambian pouched rat (Cricetomys gambianus), a huge colonizing rat is expanding around the world. Maybe everyone ye may know or ever seen a sewer rat. Those famous for being the protagonists animals, carriers and propagators of rabies and plague, the Black Death that killed millions of people in Europe and Asia, 800 years ago. Rat gray or black, are nothing compared to the  Gambian pouched rat. While the gray rat .... wait wait .... maybe you will get a comparative example, LOOKING DOWN.

Black Rat
 22 + 24 cm

 Total 46 cm

1 ft
 230 gr.

9 Oz
Brown Rat

 27+22 cm

Total 49 cm

1 ft
 520 gr.

18 Oz
Gambian pouched rat

 48 + 45 cm

Total 93 cm

3 ft 
 1500 gr.

59 Oz 

As you can see, the  Gambian pouched rat is 3 times heavier than the gray rat, the most common. It's almost as big as a cat, and I think that cats have to be very hungry to hunt  Gambian pouched rat.
The problem is that this rat is spreading worldwide. And wherever they go, they may not have predators and can become an invasive species that can of wiping out everything.

For example, they can be a big problem for the birds, and their eggs can be eaten by these rats, and can wreak havoc on entire populations of those regions colonializan. The United States has prohibited the sale of this animal as a pet because it is suspected of being behind pandemic in prairie dogs, and certain species of monkeys.

The "good" of these rats is that even being omnivorous and are able to eat tiny animaletes, seem to prefer the fruit and vegetable food. But the good, without quotes, is that man has taken advantage of its good sense of smell and its docile nature, and have achieved good results and is used for the detection of persons with tuberculosis, as it is able to smell the disease and is also used to detect landmines, being little heavy not activate the pump.

Gambian pouched rat do not have a very good view and virtually moves using the smell and hearing, and their habits are nocturnal ....

The strongest .... in Africa have been recorded fatal attack on human babies perpetrated by these rats. But let's be fair, that's an anecdote. The shark kills 300 people a year, the cobra kills 50,000 people, mosquitoes 2,000,000 or that our species has killed millions of sharks, millions of spiders, mosquitoes, lions, rats, wild cats, wolves, buffalo, chickens, snakes, etc ...

Friday, February 21, 2014

Great Potoo

Imagine you go at night in a forest, hear the howl of a wolf, a movement nearby and hooting and suddenly scared you turn on a branch and see someone watching you:

Quiet is not a spirit after death, those eyes belong to a animalete, the Great Potoo (Nyctibius grandis).

This bird is a species of night owl. At night spreads its wings proportionately long, and quietly stalks its prey, is dedicated to hunting flying insects: as beetles, crickets, grasshoppers or moths.
But their wings are not the only thing that has large, as other nocturnal owls, their eyes are huge. They are specialized to capture the low light in the darkest environments.

It is found in tropical forests of America .... good find. They are very difficult to see, perhaps for its plumage and nocturnal habits, and in general, they are considered rare. Personally I think so.

Are currently not in danger of extinction. Adults have no predators only eggs are sometimes eaten by howler monkeys and spider monkeys, for some mustelid and large birds of prey.