Thursday, December 5, 2013


Although it thinks that fossil rhinoceros gave way to the legend of the unicorn, was another animal that helped forge this legendary creature is a place in the collective imagination since the Middle Ages. The Vikings, brought North horns with magical medicinal powers that can cure the worst evils ... Horns of unicorn?? No, it was the horn of the narwhal.

The narwhal is a whale found in the more northern latitudes of the planet, with a special feature, a terrible horn of an enormous size, 2 meters long. It really is not a horn, is a canine. The largest of which has reached record 2.65 meters and weight of 10 kg. And each 500, there is one that will develop the two fangs.

Why use this long tusk?

It seems that the experts can not agree on the main function of this disproportionate canine:

1 - Used as an extensive hydrodynamic sensor that connects to the central nervous system. This will help ecolocalizarse but also know their prey and sonde are also other examples.

2 - Used as a tool to open the ice on the surface of the frozen sea. This would help you get a point of breathing.

3 - Weapon used against other males prior to mating rights. Or at least as a sign of good health of the male.

In narwhal measured up to 5 meters and weighs over a ton and a half. A data, this animalete no dorsal fin like most fish, and this makes him look like a giant tadpole that has stuck a stick in the eye (the first thing that occurred to me).

The meat and blubber of narwhal is highly coveted by Inuit populations, for its nutritional value, but mainly by the amount of vitamin C. One vitamin that is not easy in an area with little amount of fruits and vegetables, and that are arriving by boat from countries south.

Currently not in danger of extinction. And among predators find polar bears, sharks and of course, the killer whale.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

The largest turtle on Earth

The giant tortoise (Aldabrachelys gigantea), lives in the islands of the Aldabra Atoll in the Seychelles. There they lived thousands of years peaceful, no predators, their population was only limit point of the island vegetation. But not only vegetarian, are also able to eating meat. Is known to have eaten carrion, and small invertebrates and even other dead turtles. Without the danger of predators, therefore, could be large and growing, exceeding 250 kg (550 lb) in weight and 120 ( 4 ft.) cm shell diameter.

Furthermore, its slow metabolism, is able to live many years. There are specimens exceeding 165 years and is known of some who have exceeded 190. However, and this is in my opinion, it looks 1000 years even when young.

Another interesting about is the time when it is sexually mature. A specimen of giant tortoise may be sexually mature when it reaches half its size. We, for example, when we reach a certain stage of life can already be sexually mature. It is a stage in which some of us have been "growth spurt" and some do not. In turtles not pass this.

It has a sturdy and strong legs able to move his heavy body. A shell that as the years pass, is increasing thick, bumpy increasingly pronounced. The neck is really long.

Let me tell you one thing that as animal lovers, we dislike. This turtle, the giant tortoise (Aldabrachelys gigantea), is the largest turtle on Earth. But the position of the largest, did not get it until last year, when the Galapagos tortoise (Chelonoidis nigra) disappeared, a turtle that became extinct in 2012, when the last specimen died in the National Park of the Galapagos Islands. This species could reach 400 kg (881 lb) and 1.90 m ( 6 ft.) in diameter ... but to tell you the truth, the size of this turtle is not what catches my attention. But the irresponsibility that as a species we are finishing with all the others.

Thursday, October 10, 2013


When we speak of an animal and a glutton, and together, possibly something we imagine.

But no, the animal to which we refer, is not as funny or endearing as the squirrel from Disney ... no, we're talking about an animal that has earned its name GLUTTON (Gulo gulo), also known as Wolverine, by dint of extreme dispute your food to other animals where they would have let slip. This animal is known for defending their food larger animals such as bears and wolves and hunt animals much heavier than it as deer.

It looks like a weasel but bigger, can reach more than 20 kg (44 lb ), its weight, we think it is not more dangerous than a bobcat, a dog ... if we think that we are completely mistaken. It is one of the most dangerous animals that live in the northern latitudes of the planet. The puma or a lone wolf, avoid its presence and there are reports that defending its prey against a pack of wolves, have lost a limb without making this fact intimidate them in its drive to defend their prey. And even is capable of losing his life trying to defend a piece of meat ... animal does not do this but a wolverine .... no other. To all this we must add that ferocity to scare off potential competitors, its a weapon, a sickening and disgusting smell like skunk that secretes when in danger.

It is a good hunter, approaches its prey unseen and then, with a quick run attacks it. When not release bite and jaw fits like a bloodhound. It moves comfortably through the snow thanks to its wide legs and light weight. It is also able to swim to catch fish and other smaller animals such as rodents and other ... Another adaptation to the snow is long and thick fur that protects it from the cold. A dark fur that attracts the sun's rays and allowing them to maintain their body temperature.

But any animals, no matter how fierce it isby far to defend their food, be a good hunter and is well adapted to their environment, etc. ... no animal is immune to human activity. It was found that the numbers have been reduced in the last years due to the disappearance of the snows of the north, but for now is not endangered ... for now.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Ghost Fish or Barreleyes.

Imagine yourself that when you get up in the morning and you look in the mirror, you realize that your skin and your skull is transparent, revealing all your internal organs. Curious? Well that is exactly what happens to the head of this curious fish, called ghost fish or Barreleyes. If you watch the image below, you can see the eyes inside the meat, and even part of its brain. Its head is transparent and its eyes are housed inside. As skin lets in light, has no need to tear your eyes to see, be seen without opening the lids, in fact has no eyelids, but a mass of transparent jelly meat.

It is a fish of the deep ocean, and we can find it at a depth of 1800 meters in the warm seas of the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Oceans. At these depths, sunlight barely reaches, so the eyes point upward, looking for the slightest sign of light, glare, reflections or bioluminescent animals. Why look down if there is only darkness and more darkness? The eyes are directed upwards but can also move independently, like chameleons. It is also the only animal that is in their eyes a dome that serves as a lens that helps to better perceive light around.

And speaking of luminescent organisms, it should be noted that the ghost fish also has a luminous bodies that run through the abdomen, from head to tail.

The size of this amazing fish does not exceed 50 cm. Its mouth is toothless and pointed shape is small, perfect to feed on small marine creatures. In this video you can observe better ...

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Turtle Flog

If juntáramos a frog and a turtle, it is safer to leave an animal like this.

In fact, it is known as the turtle frog (Myobatrachus gouldii) since, as seen in the photo, the body shape is similar to a turtle shell and head if also resembles the turtle.
Not only the shape of your body we can remind a frog, also their behavior. Being a frog that lives in the sandy area of Western Australia, their limbs have been strengthened. They are more robust and allow you to walk through the land like a turtle. Also, when laying eggs, do not put in the water like most frogs, it makes a hole and bury their offspring ... like turtles ... and what escava hole with their hind legs ... as unlike other frogs tortugasy better adapted to land.

This little frog-turtle about 4 cm ( in) , feeds on insects, ants and termites. That, thanks to its powerful legs and gets dig into termite mounds.

Well, this animal was found recently in Honduras, and experts do not know how this turtle that lived only in Australia believed, was discovered thousands of miles and a continent away.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Superb Lyrebird

This bird, called Superb Lyrebird (Menura novaehollandiae) from the resemblance of its plumage with this musical instrument is an animal highly appreciated by the people and is hunted excessive manner and unreasonable, placing this species in the first step of the ladder leads to extinction. Australian bird is a very well known there and even its image is part of the currency of Australia.

The reason for their coveted hurt is, on one hand the ornate plumage resembles that has peacocks, but smaller. And another singing ability.

When the male courts the female, prepares part of the forest. Remove weeds, roots and dead wood so that nothing difficult it vision, wants to be the center of attention of every female who passes by. And this bird prepare a scenario to begin their performance.

The Superb Lyrebird, deploys all its charm. Opens the range of its tail feathers and starts singing, imitating sounds, and in this capacity, the Superb Lyrebird is the best. It can perfectly imitate any animal it hear. It is able to imitate the song of other birds, to sounds that are not heard as frequently in nature, the sound of a camera, sound of a car, a dog barking, etc ... It is the world's best imitator. It is estimated that only 80% of the sounds that are characteristic release of their species. Everything else is copied from other part, and does it perfectly. I invite you to hallucinate with imitation he does in this video.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

The suicide of lemmings.

Lemmings is called to tiny rodents, furry, chubby and funny. They live in almost the entire northern hemisphere. They feed on roots, herbs and fruits and also some small animal such as worms and other small insects. Like other rodents, have a high reproductive rate. This is usually a plus for those predators that feed on estoss: foxes, birds of prey number, weasels, ferrets, lynx, wolves, etc ... It is true that with 15 cm long, not a prey to feed a wolf, but many lemmings they can remove the hunger of a big predator. Still, even having dozens of potential predators occur lemimings demographic explosion that forces them to move to other places in search of food.

These animals do not hibernate and when it snows, move also under snow looking for food. A food that may have been stored in previous days.

But the highlight of the lemmings is that they attributed the act collectively commit suicide every so often, in fact, until it became a game in which they had to keep the lemmings commit suicide. There are other animals that naturally commit mass suicide, for example those whales that knowing they have the possibility of becoming stranded on the beach, go to this until they are in the sand and die. But the case of the Lemmings, seems belied by experts which ensures that an error trying.

Personally, I find it funny that you say this, because briefly researching online, I discovered two different videos where you see hundreds of lemmings jumping off a cliff. Anyway, I put the videos and see what do you think. Is it true that lemmings commit suicide? Is the uncontrolled migration? You think you will die if they continue with this practice? ....

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Hymenopus coronatus (MANTIS)

The mantis are not just famous for their hunting prowess capable of eating small mammals, or their sexual practices that almost always end up with eating the male. Some mantis noted for its extraordinary beauty, this is the case of the Hymenopus coronatus or Orchid Mantis.

Matis is a living in Southeast Asia, Indonesia and Malaysia. In rainforests where everything that can hunt, eat it. From small lizards, butterflies, flies and other insects. Among their predators we find bigger reptiles like lizards, large frogs, rodents and shrews.

But for hunting, as to avoid is hunted, the Orchid Mantis has an advantage that facilitates survival. Its body and legs, with an odd way, are adorned with bright colors. This peculiarity gives the appearance of the flower that takes its name: the orchid.

Here are some images of this beautiful beast:

Monday, May 27, 2013

The Yoda Bat.

Bats never noted for their beauty or attractiveness, never ... In fact, if you say someone who has a face like a bat he will interpret it as a compliment. And the bat we're going to see now is no exception, is of course, very ugly, very very ugly .... The Yoda bat. A name that refers to the Master Yoda of Star Wars.

This "funny" animalete was discovered in 2009 in Papua New Guinea, an island north of Australia. Although this bat is ugly, we do not have to scare if we are to face with one of these. In fact, it is harmless to us, because it feeds on fruits. It is a fruitful and scatters the seeds of the fruits they eat throughout the tropical forest, has an important role in the ecosystem in which it lives.

Like other bats, master yoda is also mammal. When stretching its wings exceed five feet in length, but usually does not weigh more than 1 kg.

Little else is known of this animal: neither the number of copies, habits, predators, etc ... the area in which it was found is difficult to access and not been able to study everything you wanted. Other information we can extract their images: pipelines nose, wings and ears points a yellowish color and eyes positioned on the front providing a perfect stereoscopic vision to fly among the branches of the forest and control the distances of the objects.

Find this species should serve us as a warning signal that in this broken world there are many wonders to discover. That ambition, carelessness and selfishness of our species into account the wild, there are undiscovered species before making the world a great breeding ground where we can not wonder at discovering new species .... as yoda bat.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Curiosities about termites.

Experts say there are many more termites that people worldwide. In fact think that the relationship is 4 termites by 1 person.

Unlike ants usually feed meat termites feed plant material.

Termite mounds have been more than 5 meters (17 ft). Proportionately, men should build buildings than 40,000 meters (130.000 ft) high.

Termites eat wood, but wood digesting need the help of some bacteria and protozoa.

In nature make a necessary job is to clear areas of plants and dead trees.

In the tropics, where there are the most number of termites. Experts have calculated that one square kilometer there are so many termites that if we add, its weight would be greater than that of elephants, zebras, and other animals that live together in one square kilometer.

There is a kind of termite (termites pump) that the soldiers, who are old termite, explode in the stomach of predators producing them a painful digestion.

The jaws of soldier termites are the faster closing of all species of animals.

In some parts of the world that termites have small populations of people migrated to other places because of the devastating attack of a lot of termites in the area.

Ant is attacking a termite

Friday, April 12, 2013

Black rhinoceros or hook-lipped rhinoceros.

What would you do if walking through the park you suddenly find one of the largest animals on Earth, it observed you?

As well, are various options:

a) act as if you have not seen and still waiting for the rhino strolling act like you.
b) running away and screaming: Help, save me!!
c) use of animal psychology and go without fear and give it a hug.

Well, even if you're confused, I'll tell you the three answers are good. The black rhinoceros, though an animal with a formidable horn and incredible strength, is classified as one of the more docile animals of Africa. In fact, if you become familiar with it, you can even feed him by hand.

Many tourists who find these animals in the wild, and can approach and even touch them and take a picture. Do you think you could do with an elephant? Or a hippo? .... I assure you not.

The black rhino is a bit smaller than its brother the white rhino. Its weight rarely exceeds 1500 kg (3300 lb), height is 1.6 meters (6 ft) to the cross and long reach to 3.5 meters (15 ft). Its color is a dark gray and then one of their names. The other name by which we know is "hooked-lipped rhinoceros". This is because, unlike the white rhino, which has the upper lip very broad and straight, the black rhino has it finished in peak form. This will help to eat little bushes and tall trees. But lip white rhino is more to pasture ... as cows do.

Currently, the black rhino is in danger of extinction. During the '60s, was massacred by the bastards ... gentlemen who hunted them to boast a beautiful trophy animal. In addition, its horn is coveted by oriental medicine and benefits attributed to certain properties in order. By luck and hard work, gradually the number of individuals increases and 4500, increased to 5,000 in the last census.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Risso's dolphin

Unlike the movies we watch, where there are very good characters good and bad characters are terrible, in nature, no animal is good and much less bad. Maybe us by our culture, we tend to classify among good and evil. For example, it is difficult to see how an animal "bad", a cow. But is easy to see how "bad" a tiger (as in the cartoon film Kung Fu Panda).

If you're going to sea, we usually see as "good" to dolphins and "bad" to the orcas. So possibly we head will explode when we know the Risso's dolphin(Grampus griseus). A good bad but very good ...dolphins ... bufff

These dolphins live in groups of up to 100 individuals. They are of dolphins there largest measuring up to 4 meters (14 ft)  and weigh 600 kg (1430 lb). Its way of relating is very similar to the orcas, in fact even as they hunt. Orcas are also known as killer whales, because they often hunt other whales. Well, the Risso's dolphin  also hunt whales, hunt whales not only inoffensive, but also other whales which are considered the world's greatest predators: the sperm whale. The sperm whale has the size and strength, Risso's dolphin  has the number and intelligence.

Another thing that strikes the Calderon is using the ecolocatitation. This will help to "see" what is in the sea and to communicate with other congeners Sometimes this ecolización (not sure why) fails and leaves dozens of people stranded on beaches. Many die.

Currently, this "naughty or nice" but intelligent dolphin is endangered. Risso's dolphin is caught indiscriminately sometimes unintentionally. What is not is the cruel slaughter involuntary that make this animal each year off the coast of Denmark.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Army ants... the marabunta.

Somewhere in the vast West Africa, we find a dangerous ant species, invasive and jackets. Tiny superpredator able to hunt animals much larger than themselves, their greed and their numbers are your best weapons. The name are army ant or legionary ant or marabunta.

In the hunt for their prey moving such as fast army. Primarily come first workers and a few first soldier ants. They arrive at an area and begin to work to build a nest, and building underground the terrain characteristics. When part of the anthill built, start the hunting, the search for food. Right now divide and hunt any animal that is near. They are able to hunt insects bigger than them, but they have also been seen hunting small mammals including mice and has even been documented to have been able to attack and hunt chickens when they were in cages.

Once the clean area of potential nest predators and with almost built, start the transfer from the old nest. (Impressive organizational capacity) Queen, all worker ants and ant larvae and, now, all the soldiers prepared to prevent any possible attack, begin to move into their new nest. Moving home can last up to three days, and if we can lift up to 25 kg to work, they lift up to 300 kg (in proportion) to work building the nest or carrying larvae.

In the new ant they will stay for about a month. When the area is not enough food will change. Meanwhile, any animal that falls into the area of action Siafu ants will die.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Blanket octopus

Receive the scientific name Tremoctopus and commonly known as Blanket octopus. At this name, the first thing we are going through your head is that it is the result of crossing an octopus and a manta ray ...

But really, this octopus does not have anything to do with the manta ray ... It has a kind of blanket, or layer used efficiently to survive. First, this rare octopus, not run away from potential predators by releasing a jet of ink to confuse, but opens and displays the layer. So get a larger appearance, puzzling and avoiding predators attack.
But not only that, when such a shark bite dares blanket octopus layer, this layer is release and so useful that can escape its biting entertains hunter.

The size of this strange animalete is 2 meters for females. But males are smaller, insignificant. Moreover, we have seen that octopuses males when mating tentacle emerge where sperm stay, and soon afterwards die.

But its survival skills do not end there. When it is smaller, these octopus no feature layer. To protect and defend themselves from predators, small octopuses hiding among the tentacles of the Portuguese frigate (a curious poisonous jellyfish). When it are small octopuses are immune to the venom of this jellyfish.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Bobbit Worm

Today I will show an animal wonderfully terrifying. An animal that could easily have been the protagonist of a movie called "Worms from hell". Called Bobbit Worm (Eunice aphroditois) and is a species of the genus Eunice (a family of large worms).

Although it is a predator that can be found in virtually all the world's seas, the species, aphroditois Eunice, prefers warm waters , especially the Indo-Pacific waters.

The form of hunting this animal: the body is buried in the sandy bottom except the head and wait for their prey to pass close enough to stimulate their antennas and so catch it.

This worm really is omnivorous, and also to hunt small fish and crustaceans with its ferocious jaws and sharp-tentacles, also eat algae.

If we saw a Bobbit Worm while we bathe in the sea, the best we can do is get away without getting nervous. Normally, this worm does not attack and often flee, but if they feel threatened they can bite and take a piece of meat with it. Moreover, if we step one without realizing (that may be because he is buried), it inject us via the prongs that run throughout the body, a poison that will produce severe pain and foot paralyze us. Do not underestimate this animal, besides being poisonous, quite big, can measure up to 4 meters.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Sword-billed Hummingbird.

In every ecosystem there are different relationships between living creatures, from bacteria to the top predator that sits on top of the trophic chain. When, for whatever reason, a species is extirpated, endangered the interaction of all individuals in the ecosystem.

But not all species are just as essential, and although all have a role, there are some that are more importances others. The case of Sword-billed Hummingbird is a clear example of a species must.

The main feature of Sword-billed hummingbird (Ensifera ensifera) is that it has the longer beak, in which all the birds in the world, in relation to the body. The peak measured the same as the length of the body that has such a long beak, it is no casuality.

As we know, generally hummingbirds feed on a product superenergy, the nectar of flowers. They have to enter the peak inside the flower for be done with the nectar, while the pollen of flowers were deposited on their heads to when a new flower pollinate.

Well, some flowers have been very demanding of their pollinators, needed a pollinator (a hummingbird in this case), to eat the nectar while pollen is impregnated. The easiest way was to extend the floral pendulum: if the hummingbird enters the head from inside the flower to get the nectar, their pollen impregnate feathers, enter the peak itself, is more difficult to impregnate. As they were stretching peaks hummingbirds also lengthened the pendulums of flowers. This, over the centuries, caused very long peaks as the sword-billed hummingbird and floral tubes also very long.

These specialized flowers, we can find Passiflora Datura or Passiflora mixta. These are elongated flowering plants so that only the Sword-billed Hummingbird can ponilizar the fact, it is believed that if the Sword-billed Hummingbird disappeared, also these plants poof and disappear ... specialization may be the cause of its demise. Although thankfully, we are certain that the Sword-billed Hummingbird is not endangered .... Some plants chose well to its pollinator.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Saiga antelope or Saiga tatarica.

This animal, a little disproportionate, is the protagonist of one of the largest migrations that occur throughout the animal world. A migration comparable to that produced by millions of wildebeest and zebras in central Africa.

Is an animal the size of a sheep, a herbivore that feeds on plants harder, poor and stale to be found in the Russian steppe. About 50 kg in weight, 70 cm in height and more than 1 meter long. The most notable feature is his nose: broad, long and mobile, similar to tapirs. The nose is a perfect adaptation to climate. In winter heats the air before it is introduced into the lungs. However, in summer, is able to filter and retain windblown dust from the steppes. Another adaptation to cold is its coat, tan and short in summer, but long, thick and white in winter. A survivor of the last glaciation.

Among their predators are wolves, foxes, birds of prey and large prey.

The last migration are being more and more reduced, are currently believed to not more than 30,000 individuals. Animals passing through areas that create the effect funnel with a width less than 5 km. Bridges that connect two areas not yet occupied by man.

Apart from the destruction of their habitat, this animal is being hunted out of control to get their horns. Horns are an ingredient that has a certain value in traditional Chinese medicine, already the horns are replacing other ingredient even more scarce, rhino horn.

He is currently in critical danger of extinction.