Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Long-eared Jerboa.

Have you ever seen an animal with a face so candid? Surely not. Well, this little rodent is the  Long-eared Jerboa (sesudo name) or Euchoreutes naso.

This small, nocturnal creature with pig nose and ears of Dumbo, lives, and with difficulty, in the inhospitable Gobi Desert in Mongolia. A desert known for sudden changes of temperature extremes. Well, in this poor habitat live Long-eared Jerboa.

Their long ears are the perfect tool to dilute body heat by the fine blood vessels that run through. Jerbo is  higher animal ears worldwide, proportionally speaking, of course. Its body is not larger than 3,5 in (9 cm) in length, minus the tail, then his ears are 2,3 in (6 cm). It is as if we had ears until we reach our ass (what we would hear everything).

Another feature of this small rodent and insect hunter, are its legs. Their legs are long and strong (always speaking in proportion) enable you to "large" jumps to escape their natural depredores.

Now, I feel myself dramatic and serious, but sometimes there is no alternative. This little animal is in real danger of extinction. Nocturnal, it is a strange animal, and by small zoos breeding projects, there is little hope to avoid their disappearance.

I have a video that was made by the Zoological Society of London with the intention to denounce the elimination of this beautiful little animal: The first video eared jerboa.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Mantis shrimp or stomatopods

Any boxer would like to have the "direct hit" of this small crustacean. A marine animal, if it were larger, it would be the best superhero who ever lived.

They are called mantis, for its resemblance, but his front legs end with some strong clubs that are able to club with much power to its opponents, dams or larger predators. You can give as strong blows that break shells, and inflict mortal wounds larger fish or octopus insightful.

But do not think that is a simple stroke. It is a blow so powerful that generates as much energy to produce its own light. The speed produces a strong friction with water, generates electricity and heat that boils water and produces light and sound similar to waves of energy that we have seen of young (and not so young) in manga cartoons "Dragon Ball. "

Okay, I have exaggerated. Not so fantastic, but if it is true that produces light by strong friction with the water. It is true that boils the water with a hit and also if the coup fails, is able to bring down his victim with his blast.
The mantis shrimp is known to the submariners for their aggressiveness. If you ever catch them, divers are careful to take them to prevent them breaking a finger with a quick hit.

Experts have calculated that the speed reaches the mantis shrimp´s stick is 23 m / s, the same as a bullet.

The other superpower of our superhero, is vision. The shrimp can move independently of each eye (eg Chameleons) and are able to capture the infrared and ultraviolet. They are also capable of detecting four types of linear polarization and circular polarization two. And also, each eye has a stereoscopic view independently. They are the most complex eyes in the animal kingdom. Biologists do not yet know very well the precise role of this system, but felt it had sexual overtones and player. It is speculated to be a secret communication channel.