Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Purple Frog, Indian Purple Frog or Pignose Frog

It's a frog recently known exactly since 2003 and between that and the few specimens that have been found, little is known of it. It is known as the Purple Frog (Nasikabatrachus sahyadrensis means nosed frog Sahyadri, India.)

It is probably one of the ugliest frogs, well not only of frogs, the entire animal kingdom. Compared to other frogs, this frog is purple and will never be a prince ... but the princess kissed and kissed him (if she is brave).

It measures about 7 cm long, has a pointed nose and small eyes together. His body is plump, purple and muscular, with ossified bones that allow you to dig on land. Lives underground and only rises to the superfecie to mate during the monsoon season. By the way, makes a funny noise, it has nothing to do with the croack typical of other frogs. I advise you to see this video.

This small frog is endangered and possibly in a few years only see in zoos. The purple frog is threatened by habitat loss due to coffee, ginger and cardamom. All the pity.

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