Saturday, October 8, 2011

Pelican eel.

From the abyssal depths of the oceans, I present to Eurypharynx Pelecanoides or commonly called pelican eel. Then you will see why his name. I, since I saw impressed me, and if I dived I thought he would die of a heart attack when the darkness of the sea from an animal emerged as the Pelican Fish.

But this fish lived for many feet (even miles) deep and that is why we have seen a few times, and that is why, little is known about him.

Specimens have been found about 60 cm, although it is thought that can reach 1 meter, and although not very large compared with our body, is possibly the animal with jaws relationship / larger body of all (I say this without have checked). His mouth is huge, you can eat larger prey than itself. Therefore, in addition to its "mouth" has an elongated body with a flexible stomach stretches to give shelter to the victim.

But his curiosity did not end there: It has a light body which aims to attract prey.

What a hunter ... thankfully does not feed people and feed on other fish, shrimp or plankton.

By the way, this video is very good (a little dark), I recommend that you see, you will not regret.