Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The regeneration of the salamander

Imagine going to the doctor because it hurts the arm and examine it says: - Sorry, but you have to cut the arm .- to what you will answer, - nothing happens, I will grow my arm.

I will grow my arm? the doctor will probably start thinking that you're not right in the head ... but it is not just you're a fan of the animal and just read that salamanders regenerate their body parts ... and also time and again.

In nature there is quite often the regeneration of the members (the tail of the lizard or the legs of a starfish). When a body part is damaged or must shed to escape a predator just get rid of it and wait for regrowth.

The Queen of regeneration is the salamander. When one of these salamanders lost, for example, a foot, then on the stump as a small lump, called a blastema. The blastema only takes 3 weeks to become fully functional a new leg, a fairly short period if we consider that the animal can live 12 years or more. In a human, that would regenerate a limb by not more than 5 months.

Furthermore, since it takes so little to regenerate their legs, this animalete can regenerate again and again throughout his life. And to not be ugly, unattractive and unappealing to the opposite sex, the salamander not produce scars. Although I had to cut his arm several times over a long period, after 3 weeks you never notice it.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Giant chimpanzees.

They really are not chimpanzees, although they seem a lot but larger. In fact, do not quite know what it is or how to classify these beings were discovered in the Congo in 2004.

Similar to chimpanzees but not as robust as the gorillas. Experts do not agree.

The Scientists are considering several theories about the apes, which are a new species, which are giant chimpanzees but behave like gorillas, or that are hybrid, the product of mating between gorillas and chimpanzees.

If, as suspected, it is a new species, the finding would be one of the most important in decades. But this will not know for sure until the DNA is analyzed.

And apparently, but for us these are "new" apes in the area and were well known to its inhabitants. They described the ferocious animals like monkeys and strong even able to kill lions.

And these chimpanzees weigh 100 kg (twice that chimpanzees we know) and very muscular. And I assure you that the muscles of these giant chimpanzees have twice the force that a bodybuilder with the same weight.