Wednesday, July 20, 2011

BRUTUS. The giant crocodile.

Some people say it is worth a thousand words a picture ... and in this case is true: I present to Brutus, "the giant crocodile."

Apparently it was believed that this animal was merely a doctored image, but has now been recorded and has appeared on several television programs. I show a video.

Researching the internet I discovered that the picture is not quite real, and has been a bit exaggerated ... Comparing the image of the photo and the video image, we see that the photo has been manipulated.

Well, anyway, this does not mean that the crocodile is small. With a single bite can tear your head.

By the way, if you look at the image, you will see that is missing one leg, say the guidelines of the boats, he lost a fight against a shark. We will never know if that was so, or was it a boat propeller. Well ....

According to the description provided, the crocodile weighs a ton and is about 6 meters long. The truth is that he is a true giant crocodile. A large marine crocodile.

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  1. That's really a big croc.. but today, so far, the largest ever recorded in Guinness Book of World Records found the Philippines and its height is 21-foot-long (6.4-meter-long)... see link here: