Monday, May 23, 2011

Sepia colors.

The common sepia (Sepia officinalis) is a fascinating animal ... Believe it or not. We're used to seeing them in the dish, with some seasoning, white and tasty. But make no mistake, this animal is amazing. Going to see some features.

Sepia size can vary up to 65 cm long and can weigh 4 kg, although animals in warmer seas are generally smaller.
They are very intelligent, and why not ... even resentful. When they are small and are vulnerable to certain predators, retained in his memory the image of a predator. And then when they grow up, they come and hunt prey over others.

But it is the most fascinating colors. Show the color as a sign of his mood. During mating display colors with the intent to intimidate their opponents. And when hunting know how to dress, the colors blend in around him. Can imnotizar prey and these, Abobo, stalk left until the cuttlefish is close enough to launch his attack. They have eight arms with four rows of suckers each and two long tentacles to capture prey, which, however, it retracts into the bags under the eyes if not used.
But not "just" that also can vary the texture of your body if you want to blend to be virtually invisible.

This is a video of the Wizard of colors. Sepia hunting.

Besides that, is a survivor who has gadgets to escape their attackers. Has a bag of brown ink spilled in the water. This lead to dismissal from predators and just in time to flee.

Another aspect is the view you have, have developed eyes that let you see in the dark, a general feature of other cephalopods such as the mysterious colossal squid.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Tyrannobdella rex.

Today my friends, I'll show you an incredible animal but also detestable. An animal that if we saw it in action, rather not have seen, even we had hoped that did not exist ... if you are ready, read on.

Do you see the black spot that looks for that person's eye? Well, this is nothing more and nothing less than a leech, the leech T. REX. It is huge (for what it is) from 5 to 6 inches long and has a row of sharp teeth that cling to the meat of the mucosa and do not release ... subject once suck suck and suck and are terrible. The bite is painless, because saliva contains an anesthetic. It also has an anticoagulant that ensures the flow of blood as it is suctioned.

Makes relatively little is known, in fact, was discovered in the nostrils of a Peruvian girl who went to the doctor because I felt that something was slipped inside the nostrils. And one thing is for sure, a lot of strength must have to enter through the nostrils of a person.

Anyway, if you want to dabble in the desirable South American rivers, have one thing in mind: an enemy awaits you. Hehehe