Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Fosa o fossa

The fosa or fossa is a species of carnivorous mammal of the family of viverrids. It is the largest native carnivore in Madagascar. Despite its strong resemblance both physically and customs with the canines and felines, the fossa is actually a representative of the viverrids, the same family that owns the genets, mongooses and meerkats. It is the dominant predator of the island and main hunter of lemurs after man.
The fossa is 80 inches long, plus 90 inches of tail with 15 kg.
The body is long, muscular and agile. The pits can run at high speed on the ground and climbing trees amazingly fast, thanks to the extraordinary grip on her bare feet and fitted with retractable claws (a characteristic typical of cats, but absent in other viverrids except in the pit). They may even jump from one tree to another as if they were small squirrels, jumps up to 6 meters.
They are really agile animals.
In Madagascar, the fossa is taken by an animal almost diabolical. Circulate all sorts of legends, but all unreal. In fact, they are usually easily to life in captivity, where they are docile and affectionate with their owners.